I set out to create a fun version of Humpty Dumpty, in this version Humpty would be a knight, and instead of cracking the egg, his armour would just fall off. I was aiming for a more child-friendly and fun version compared to what I have seen online.

I gave myself a week deadline, and from that week whilst juggling work, parenting and staying healthy came this short 2 minute animated video. There is a small glitch I missed whilst pushing so hard, however, I like that it’s in there and it reminds me that not being perfect meant releasing on time, rather than never at all.

When I was done I thought it would be awesome to create a display, something that can be an activity to entertain my kids. Something hey can play with, and so I spent the next couple of hours after release making a cutout version, that can be printed and easily made at home.

Humpty Cutout: Prototype to Final Design.

My kids loved the cut-outs, even better so did their friends asking if they too can have a Humpty of their own. It was great fun and every so often I hear my kids watching the Youtube video and enjoying the animation that daddy made.

It was a fun project and something I want to invest more time into in future, along with continuing to create teacher and parent-based worksheets that we can continue using with our kids.

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