Recently I got together with Kyle Anderson, and while we were contemplating life, work and various other topics of discussion we both ended up talking about how we new a new creative challenge. I mentioned to him that for awhile now I wanted to create something my kids can enjoy and engage with and Kyle suggested we make a fun music video.

Both of us have very little music skill and I quickly bought some tracks off Envato Elements and off we were with our first video production.

Kyle and myself both lead very busy lifestyles and are often working on several projects at once however we managed to pull of the video within about a two weeks between other projects and had a ton of fun doing so.

I am glad to say my children both get super excited when they watch the video and that as a father that was the most satisfying feeling knowing I was able to give them that level of joy through my work.

Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel there is sure to be updates every couple of weeks, as we have both fallen in love with the process of creating these videos and really enjoyed working together on something of our very own.

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